When I use Confluence and Jira on the cloud (e.g. use the SaaS as an Atlassian customer), I can paste a link of a Jira issue into a Confluence document, and the issue's Summary field text is automatically displayed, in the Confluence document, as a "live link" to the Jira issue.

But when I do the same with a link from my company's internal Jira deployment, this does not work. I only get the link text (https://... ) .

Obviously there are some login/permission issues, as I am now "asking" the external Confluence to read something from our protected Intranet.

The question: Is it possible to somehow set things so that the ability to "pull" the Summary text by Confluence from our Intranet Jira will work?

Thanks, Michael

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There needs to be an Application Link between Jira and Confluence for the Jira issue macro to work. This is set up automatically in the Jira/Confluence cloud sites. You would need to allow access to the Internet Jira from the cloud, which your network admins and security team will want to review carefully

  • I suspected our admins will need to be involved :-) with all the justified cybersecurity concerns. Thanks! Dec 22, 2022 at 6:07

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