I'm trying to calculate the overtime that has accrued up to and including today's date.

Sample Data

  • Row 2 contains a list of dates.
  • Row 3 the time worked for each date.
  • Row 4 the accrued overtime for each date.

example data

The following formula in I6 should return the SUM of accrued overtime on or before TODAY():


In my example the formula in I6 shaded red should return 5 (the SUM of C4:I4) but instead it returns 1.

What am I doing wrong?

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One of the easiest solutions is to put in cell I6 the formula =SUMIF(C2:I2,"<=" &TODAY(),C4:I4) and repeat this for every week


Using SUMIF as suggested by @JohnSUN is a good approach and also slightly shorter (4 chars) than the alternative below.

Your original approach would work if you tweak it to FILTER row 4 based on the date in row 2, then SUM the resulting array:

   C4:GB4, C2:GB2<=TODAY())) 

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