I have two users and when one goes into their drive, they can right click a MS office file (.docx, xlsx, etc) and select open with Microsoft Office. For me and another person however, we don't have that option from within Google Drive so we have to manually navigate to the drive mounted on our file system and open the files. I would love for to be able to also open with from the Google Drive in my browser but so far my Google Fu is failing me and I haven't been able to see how Google drive decides what can be opened or not from the browser.

Thanks you!

  • Start bt reading View & open files and Work with Microsoft Office files . If you need further help, please add more detailes like name and version of the operative system and web browser that you are using, if you already have installed Drive for Desktop for your operative system.
    – Rubén
    Feb 7 at 23:45


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