I have this formula to combine and filter multiple sheets if a certain column has "Y" in it:

=SORT({filter(Bryson!A4:S502, REGEXMATCH(Bryson!Q4:Q502, "Y"));filter(David!A4:S502, REGEXMATCH(David!Q4:Q502, "Y"));filter(Justin!A4:S502, REGEXMATCH(Justin!Q4:Q502, "Y"))},18,1)

Multiple people work within their named sheets, 9 total, and data is wiped weekly. Problem is, when somebody has zero hits for the filter, the entire equation errors with VALUE#. How do I make it ignore arguments when there is no matches?

  • Welcome to Web Applications Stack Exchange. Google Sheets and Microsoft have different feature sets and require different answers. Your formula looks like its from Google Sheets so I am assuming that platform. Edited that tags accordingly. Commented Dec 16, 2022 at 20:24

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Combine the ranges "the other way":

    { Bryson!A4:S; David!A4:S; Justin!A4:S },
    regexmatch({ Bryson!Q4:Q; David!Q4:Q; Justin!Q4:Q }, "Y") 
  18, 1 

Alternatively, use query():

  { Bryson!A4:S; David!A4:S; Justin!A4:S },
  "where Col17 contains 'Y' order by Col18", 0 
  • This works, thank you! I'm using filter instead of query to maintain a hyperlink unique to each row Commented Dec 16, 2022 at 21:49

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