Looking to return average if criteria is met, but I can't get the formula to work when one of my criteria exists in multiple columns. Does anyone have an efficient solution?


Sheet2 Screenshot:

  • Welcome! Do you mean something like as =AVERAGE(FILTER(D:D,(A:A=A2)*((B:B=B2)+(C:C=B2))))?
    – JohnSUN
    Dec 17, 2022 at 15:28

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There are many ways to do that. JohnSUN already showed how to do it with filter(). Here's how you would do it with query():

  "select avg(D) 
   where A = '" & A2 & "' 
   and(B = '" & B2 & "' or C = '" & B2 & "') 
   label avg(D) '' ", 0 

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