By grabbing and gragging a "+" at the bottom right of the selected ranges of cells, I can extend the range, copying values or formulas.

How do I do similar action, but without dragging mouse cursor all the way to large row or column number? I want to type resulting range from keyboard.

There are "fill down" (Ctrl+D) or "fill right" (Ctrl+R) things, but they implicitly calculate resulting range. I expect a pop up (like in "Go to range" action) where I can type the specific range to fill (not just duplicate, but use auto-increment, suggested fills and so on).

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Yes, you can select the desired range using only the keyboard - use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J, enter the desired range and press Enter.

Ctrl+J - Name Box

Here is a sequence of steps that simulates drag-by-corner from keyboard:

  1. Copy the cell or range of cells to clipboard (Ctrl+С or Ctrl+Insert);
  2. Select new range of cells using the Ctrl+J feature described above;
  3. Paste Ctrl+V, Paste Special Values Ctrl+Shift+V, or Paste Special Formats Ctrl+Alt+V.
  • Thanks. Instructions should also mention copying (Ctrl+C) cells prior to adjusting selection with Ctrl+J. Corner drag does not include explicit copying.
    – Vi0
    Commented Dec 22, 2022 at 19:06

I do not think there is a feature in Google Sheets that would let you enter a range reference in a dialog box and fill that range with the contents of some cell. If you really need that feature, you could implement it in Google Apps Script. See Apps Script at Stack Overflow.

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