E.g. If the range of cells is A1:A20 and the independent variable is A5. If A5 is modified then the content of A1 to A20 except for A5 will be cleared.

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  • Hi and welcome. Is there a function A built-in function will not clear the contents of a cell/range. The answer by @doubleunary is a script, and that's your only option to physically delete the contents of cell. If that's not what you wanted/expected, then you need to provide more information in your question.
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If the value in A5 is the only value in the column A1:A20 that is manually entered, and the rest of the values are calculated with formulas, wrap those formulas in if(), like this:

=if(isblank(A5), iferror(1/0), "another value based on " & A5 & " and perhaps some other references")

If the values in A1:A20 are manually entered, you will need a script to clear them. Use an onEdit(e) simple trigger, like this:

* Simple trigger that runs each time the user hand edits the spreadsheet.
* @param {Object} e The onEdit() event object.
function onEdit(e) {
  if (!e) {
    throw new Error(
      'Please do not run the onEdit(e) function in the script editor window. '
      + 'It runs automatically when you hand edit the spreadsheet. '
      + 'See https://stackoverflow.com/a/63851123/13045193.'
  let sheet;
  if (!e.value
    || e.range.rowStart !== 5
    || e.range.columnStart !== 1 // column A
    || (sheet = e.range.getSheet()).getName().match(/^(Sheet1|Sheet2|Sheet3)$/i)) {
  sheet.getRangeList(['A1:A4', 'A6:A10']).clearContent();

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