I use Outlook (Windows) as well as Outlook.com to access mail and calendar in my Microsoft and Google accounts.

Last night I updated the password for my Google account and was able to update the account settings in Outlook desktop. In that application I am able to access Gmail messages as before, all is good there.

However, after this change, when I try to access Gmail from Outlook.com, I now get the following error:

400 Bad request. An error occurred when you tried to access your mailbox because a server with information about you and your mailbox couldn't be found.

I would like to get this working again as it was before, being able to access Gmail from both Outlook and Outlook.com.

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Sign in with app passwords > App passwords revoked after password change

App passwords revoked after password change

To help protect your account, we revoke your app passwords when you change your Google Account password. To continue to use an app with your Google Account, create a new app password.

Tip: If the app offers "Sign in with Google," we recommend you use that feature to connect the app to your Google Account.

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