I am working with two sheets on drive and I would like to know if there is a possibility to make some sort of confirmation if the information from another sheet is on the other sheet o not and, if we can show it where this cell is. With the link bellow, I think it will be easier to understand.


I made some comments trying to explain it a bit better.

  • Welcome to Web Applications Stack Exchange. The sample spreadsheet gives "Options to download print and copy have been disabled on this file" which makes it hard to develop a solution. Please modify the sharing settings so that the spreadsheet can be edited or at least copied. Also show the desired result for the first three companies. Jan 6 at 8:53
  • Hello, thank you for your help, I have allowed anyone with the link to edit the sheet. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… Jan 6 at 11:39
  • While a like to a spreadsheet might be helpful, questions on this site should be self-contained. Considering this, the question should describe the relevant parts of the spreadsheet as well some sample data.
    – Rubén
    Oct 3 at 23:38

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Use this to fill the state into every company row:

=arrayformula( if( len(C4:C); A2; iferror(1/0) ) )

...and this to look up those states per company:

=arrayformula( iferror( vlookup(A2:A; { 'COMPANY STATE'!C4:D; 'COMPANY STATE'!G4:H }; 2; false) ) )

See your sample spreadsheet.

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