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The old Basic HTML version of Gmail always changes the email-width / line-width, of the emails sent, any solutions to prevent that ?

NOTE - The two images below, only show a decreased-version of the problem on another Gmail-account I made. On my main Gmail-account, Gmail often reduces the width of the email to 3 or 4 or 5 words ( short words like "the" ), but due to some reasons I cannot put images of that on here.

  • I only ever use old Basic HTML version of Gmail, due to various reasons including preference.
  • I am using a very old laptop, running Windows-10 and Chrome-Browser.
  • I have noticed when testing the Modern Version of Gmail, that the only way to prevent this happening is to totally maximize the size of the draft-email screen by pressing SHIFT and simultaneously clicking, strangely, that prevents the problem, but I never use the Modern Version of Gmail.

The image below is before pressing the send button -


The image below is the email when it is received -


  • This looks like plain text which maxes out at 80 characters per line. Click on the show original and paste that text into your question after replacing any sensitive strings, then we can help further. Wrap it in <codeblock></codeblock>
    – Blindspots
    Jan 8 at 8:36


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