I am trying to feed data from a Google Form to a Google Sheet. I want to have it separate each student into their sheet. Then, I want to send that information back to the student in a Google Sheet so they can edit their work.

From what I understand, I can make A QUERY for each student on their own tab, but they will not be able to edit the tab. So I researched and found out that I also need to IMPORTRANGE in order to share the Sheet so they can edit it. EXAMPLE: I have tried this:

=Query(Importrange("1w7lTxbg933A36rk0mNdqzaJn7KHAzXrvqekVXhh_BKM","Class January Work Log!A2:k"), "Select * where B = 'student's email address'")

My error message is this:

Unable to parse query string for Function QUERY parameter 2: NO_COLUMN: B

How do I receive the data from Google Forms onto Google Sheets and allow my students to edit it without other students seeing their work?


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You may want to try AutoCrat. It lets you "merge" data received in a form response to cells in a spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet is created as a copy of a template spreadsheet that contains <<tags>> to show where to put each piece of data. The generated spreadsheets can be automatically shared and a link emailed to the person whose email address is in the form response.

To answer your query() question, try this:

  importrange("1w7lTxbg933A36rk0mNdqzaJn7KHAzXrvqekVXhh_BKM", "Class January Work Log!A2:K"), 
  "where Col2 = '[email protected]' ", 
  • What is this at the end? ... 0 ) Jan 9, 2023 at 19:45
  • The query() function takes three parameters. The 0 is the headers parameter that should always be specified to avoid surprises. But query() will not solve your problem, because formula results are not editable. Try AutoCrat. Jan 9, 2023 at 21:14

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