When I first type data into a cell in Google sheets, I can use Home, End and Backspace to edit what I've typed.

However, I cannot use the arrow keys to move within the text I've typed - they "enter" the data and move the focus to another cell.

If I mouse-click in the cell, then the mode changes from "Enter" to "Edit" mode, and I can use the arrow keys to edit the cell text.

Is there a way to switch from "Enter" to "Edit" mode using the keyboard? I've tried: F2 (does nothing), Shift-Enter, Enter (leave the cell)


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To always use "edit" mode, start editing by selecting a cell and pressing the Enter key.

  • That's a useful tip for when entering formulas since they can often be miss-keyed or improved on, on the fly 🙂 Jan 17, 2023 at 13:27

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