I have a code that creates a comma separated text (in a cell) of the 'column titles' for the 5 largest cell values within a row. However, for example if a row only has 3 cells with values above 0 and the rest are 0, the script still adds 2 of the cells with a 0 value as "column titles" to the comma separated text to complete the 5 items.

What formula modifications would carry out this same formula but ignore any cells that have a 0 value when creating the 'column titles' on the comma separated cell/text?

A little greater detail: In the example above where only 3 cells have values above 0, the formula should only show the 'column titles' for the top 3 largest cell values (that are > than 0) and not add any column titles to the comma separated text from cells that = 0. How would the formula be modified to accomplish this? Thanks

Google Sheets Code Example:

=join(" , ",sortn(transpose($BN$1:$CM$1),5,0,transpose($BN3:$CM3),false))


  • $BN$1:$CM$1 (Are the Column Titles [text])
  • $BN3:$CM3 (Are the cells in row 3 that are transposed to show the (column titles) of the cells with the top 5 largest values.
  • Please edit your question and insert a table of sample data together with your manually entered desired results. Also consider sharing a publicly editable sample spreadsheet. There is a blank sheet maker that lets you share safely. Jan 19, 2023 at 18:20

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Use filter(), like this:

  " , ", 
    transpose(filter($BN$1:$CM$1, $BN3:$CM3 <> 0)),
    5, 0, 
    transpose(filter($BN3:$CM3, $BN3:$CM3 <> 0)), 
  • Doubleunary you are amazing. Thank you so much, this works perfectly.
    – Matthew W
    Jan 19, 2023 at 18:23

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