I would like to label each incoming message based on the List-ID header. I want this label to be generated dynamically as needed because of the volume of lists to which I am subscribed as well as the number of Github projects I follow which also populate the same List-ID header with the source repository.

For example, an ideal filter would match

'from:([email protected])'

and then apply the label

  • This needs to be done via a custom Google Apps Script using the Gmail API
    – Blindspots
    Feb 3, 2023 at 20:16
  • Yeah, it simply can't. Unbelievable... googlecloudcommunity.com/gc/Workspace-Q-A/…
    – olejorgenb
    Feb 3 at 21:55
  • Actually, GMail understand the List-ID header: list:(125163.projectname.group.gitlab.com) for gitlab. So.. they even have syntax for header matching, but has artificially limited it to the "standard" (subset of?) headers?
    – olejorgenb
    Feb 3 at 22:53


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