I have a range of data where each row is in alphabetical order and I want to pull each cell in the row that contains "client" to another column. enter image description here

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Use filter(), like this:

=iferror( filter(A2:H2, search("client", A2:H2)) )

See filter(), search() and iferror().


It's not very clear what you're expected result is. You can try with this formula in the first cell of your new column. Adapt A2:H to your actual range:

=BYROW(A2:H,LAMBDA(each,IF(COUNTA(each)=0,"",TEXTJOIN(", ",1,INDEX(IFNA(REGEXEXTRACT(TO_TEXT(each),"((?i)client.+)")))))))

If it's not what you're looking for, please give some feedback

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