In the monthly statement of my bank account I want to tag every transfer with a category:

Description Amount Tag
Emma's veggie shop visa#1022 45 groceries
Zettle payment Bert automobile 345 car
Hugo discount visa#1023 99 groceries
Gpay: Emma's veggie shop 39 groceries

I made a table with all the keywords and corresponding tags:

Key Tag
Emma's groceries
Bert automobile car
Hugo groceries

Now I need a formula to fill out the Tag-column in the first table automatically, a bit like =ylookup(A2,Table2!A1:B3,2) where A2 is mapped to a row in Table2 that contains it's key word (not like vlookup matches) and returns the corresponding tag.

I'd use =vlookup(), but the transfer descriptions don't always begin the the same string. I've also looked at arrayformula, but didn't get anywhere.

  • @BlindSpots Table2!A1:B3 is a valid range reference in Google Sheets. Feb 7 at 7:40
  • is Table2 a sheet name or named range?
    – Blind Spots
    Feb 7 at 18:03
  • Table1 & Table2 are sheets, yes. Should have called them sheet1 & sheet2.
    – simaglei
    Feb 7 at 18:33

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Use filter() and search(), like this:

=single( iferror( filter(Table2!B$2:B, len(Table2!B$2:B), search(Table2!A$2:A, D2)) ) )

See filter() and iferror().

The single() function is one of the many undocumented functions in Google Sheets. It returns the first element of a 1D or 2D array.


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