I want to be able to subtract a value of a total using checkboxes. Let's say I have values in Column A (10,20,56) and A4 is the total, on column B I have checkboxes for each row. Now, when I click on the checkbox next to the value 10, I will like to subtract that value from the total on A4(86), so the result will get 76. Subsequently, if I click on the checkbox next to 20, then the value of the total (A4) will change to 56.

Google Sheet Picture

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Use filter() to get the rows where the checkbox is not ticked, and sum those rows, like this:

=sum(filter(A1:A4, not(B1:B4)))

See filter().

  • Thank you, this definately has helped.
    – Jose Dlr
    Feb 19 at 17:07

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