A mobile network provider requires me to send an email from the exact address that I signed up with for their service. I used a gmail address with a + sign alias for that.

Example: [email protected]

Is it possible to send an email from exactly that address from gmail?

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Add it as an additional email in gmail and verify it as a "send mail as" email. Then you should be able to send from it.

Example Sending:

Add email to gmail as additional emails. Example: [email protected]

I just looked at my account to find the exact instructions for you.

  1. Gear icon
  2. See All Settings link
  3. Accounts tab
  4. Add another email address link
  5. Treat as an alias checkbox is checked
  6. Verify the email in gmail when you receive it.
  7. Send mail as this alias when you go to send mail to the provider.

Example Receiving:

your email > [email protected]
alias > [email protected]

You will receive email to the [email protected] at the original email of [email protected].

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