Having trouble putting this into words, reading countless threads describing issues similar to mine, but not this exact one. So here's a super simplified version of what I need done.

I have numbers that correspond to countries in the first table. I have that same list of countries on another table, but without the numbers. The countries can not be re-ordered in any way on either table. I want Cell F3 to find the number that's in the cell to the left of "Norway" in Table 1, and put it in F3. Then drag that formula down for the whole table.

It seems so simple but I just can't figure it out.


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Use vlookup() with an { array expression }, like this:

=arrayformula( iferror( vlookup(G3:G13, { D3:D13, C3:C13 }, 2, false) ) )

See vlookup() and GFCGlobal.

  • Will try that, but I found another way that worked as well. =INDEX($C$3:$C$13, MATCH(G3, $D$3:$D$13, 0)) Feb 23, 2023 at 22:14

Figured it out:

=INDEX($C$3:$C$13, MATCH(G3, $D$3:$D$13, 0))

  • From How to Answer. "Brevity is acceptable, but fuller explanations are better." By the other hand, in consideration of the help effort done by the poster of the previous answer it would be nice how do you compare this formula to the previous formula. Feb 24, 2023 at 1:14

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