I asked chatGPT for a script:

Write a shell script that processes a file called index.md the file contains lines that start '##' and contain a date. It also containes lines that contain "weight" and a weight in kg. Every time the script finds a weight it should output it with the date that came BEFORE it.

It produced someone that wasn't what I wanted so I included:

The script should output the date, a ':' and then the weight in kg

and then

allow both 'weight' and 'Weight'

and then

the input.md file is at ../index.md

and then some more lines until it worked. Now I want to include the prompt as a comment in the script in case I want to regenerate later with some changes. But I really want one prompt.

How can I ask chatGPT to give me a single prompt that produces only the last output of the session. Sometimes there are 20 commands in a conversation and it's a minor pain point to copy paste them all in to the code, and then back out again later.


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I find it most effective to realize that working with ChatGPT is a conversation. So, your experience is very normal: we often do not know all the details that are query needs until we have this kind of back-and-forth; ChatGPT's initial responses show us that we were not sufficiently clear.

Whenever I have this kind of situation, I complete the loop with one final prompt that goes something like this.

Based on this conversation, give me a single prompt that I can give you (ChatGPT) next time that will give me the final results.

Then ChatGPT generates a clear, succinct prompt. You should always test the new prompt by starting a new conversation and then trying the prompt it gave you. This almost always works for me.

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