How do I change one page to Landscape using the online browser version of Word, i.e., you have a Microsoft Office account and you access an online Word document via Microsoft Outlook and Word launches inside the browser.

I struggled Googling a suggestion because the results always came back for the desktop version of Word. The defining difference is that the desktop version permits "Go to Layout, and open the Page Setup dialogue box." Such an option does not exist in the online version of Word.

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    – Rubén
    Mar 11 at 15:03
  • If you not have Word desktop you might use any other app that allows you to sketch the expected result. If you need to ask for a software recommendation consider to post a question in Software Recommendations.
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According to the in-app help (image text are shown instead of images)

Change page orientation On the Layout tab, select Orientation button Orientation.

Select Landscape button Landscape or Portrait button Portrait.

It looks that you might not be using the Web properly. Let me share with you how I found the instructions from a reliable source:

Using Chrome and one of my employeers accounts that give access to Word oline, I opened it, created a new document. Then carefully I look to the screen and found the app toolbar and that it has a Help menu.

Then I click it.
This displayed the Help menu options. Then I click it.
This opened a the Help side panel. Then I typed landscape in the search box and pressed Enter.
This displayed the instructions in the top of this answer.

Here is a screeshot:

Help sidebar showing results searching "landscape"

  • I'm afraid that doesn't work for one page (as per my question). I want to copy a table, which is wider than a portrait layout. On the desktop program, I can adjust the orientation of one page among several. Your suggestion changes all the pages. Mar 11 at 14:48
  • You haven't been clear at all about why you closed this post. You mentioned getting a version of the Desktop app. I do not have a license for this. My question was very clear, "How do I change one page to Landscape using the online browser version of Word?" 1) Super User redirected my question here, 2) you're answer was not fit, 3) the question was clear enough to not require an "expected result". I would recommend you read my question again and ask if it's not clear before taking mistaken action. Mar 11 at 15:12
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  • Yes when needed, but my question was crystal clear. Your actions were not. Mar 11 at 15:15

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