Short description of the problem

When trying to change language of an article in Wikipedia website the Suggested languages section of languages list is no longer present:

enter image description here

Does anyone has the same problem and knows some solution (if it exists)?

More details

Previously, when changing language in Wikipedia website I always could see the Suggested languages section, which always contained only one item -- one of the languages that I am using in Wikipedia (my native Polish or English) -- depending on what current article's language was:

  • If article was in English, I was seeing Polish item in the list of suggested languages
  • If article was in Polish, I was seeing English item.

No, I see no Suggested languages section and must always scroll down to the end of list to pick Polish. Is there anything I can do?

This is found by me in both:

  • website (accessing it with Edge 110 on Windows 11) and
  • Mobile app (accessing it in newest version of Wikipedia app and Android 12).

But, I reference mobile app only as an example, I am using website more often.

Things that I tried so far

I tried to use other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). No effect, the same problem.

I am using Wikipedia website on regular basis, I never hit the sixty days threshold, so I am logged into for years. Due to some other issue I had to completely purge my Edge's user profile. This caused that after re-visiting Wikipedia I was logged off and I had to login again.

So I tried to solve this problem by performing logoff and login again for several tries. No effect.

There isn't much more that I can do to try to resolve this issues, since this is a Wikipedia's functionality.

What am I missing? Is this a sort of bug or has the Suggested languages section been removed permanently?

  • Try using your web browser in private navigation / incognito mode. Assure that all the extensions are disabled. If the problem still happens, add the steps that that you follow to show the suggested languages. Does this happens on any article? Please provide at least a couple of articles where this happens. If you haven't done yet, try one article that you have edited before and one article that hadn't edited.
    – Rubén
    Mar 14 at 22:48


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