I am trying to use IMPORTDATA in GoogleSheet with URL and time stamp


ERROR This function is not allowed to reference a cell with NOW(), RAND() or RANDBETWEEN()


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The usual recipe to do that is to replace the now() in the formula with a reference to a cell, and fill that cell with a timestamp using a short script that runs on a time-driven trigger.

The recently introduced lambda functions let you mask volatile functions such as now() by wrapping them in what is in effect a semi-static closure, so something like this may work as well:

  baseUrl, "https://www.amfiindia.com/spages/NAVAll.txt", 
  now, lambda(volatile, volatile)(now()), 
  postFix, "?t=" & text(now, "ddmmyyyhhmmss"), 
  refresh, F1, 
  importdata(baseUrl & postFix) 

The formula expects that you Insert > Checkbox in cell F1. Toggle the checkbox to recalculate the formula.

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