How can I create a custom number format in Google Sheets that displays numbers > -10 and < 10 to one decimal place, but displays numbers <= -10 or >= 10 with no decimal places? The format should apply to both positive and negative numbers. I tried ChatGPT; it suggested 0.0;-0.0;0.0 and also [<-10]0;[>-10]0. but neither worked as desired.

For column A I would like the following criteria:

  1. numbers between but not including -10 to 10 should have one digit after the decimal point (example: 3.2, -2.9, 0.6, 9.9)
  2. numbers starting with 0 should also have one digit after the decimal point
  3. numbers with two or more digits should have no decimal point. (example: 10, 125, -5420)

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Try with this custom number format:


note that decimal numbers greater than 10 (or less than -10) will be rounded up (or down)



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