Imagine I have a table like the following.

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Column A is the x-axis, e.g. time. Column B is some condition, e.g. 1 and 0 for yes and no or true and false. Column C has the y-values. I'd like to create a line chart that changes color depending on Column B, as in the following Figure (made manually in GeoGebra).

enter image description here

However, I have absolutely no clue and cannot find anything. Perhaps I am looking for the wrong words.

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    I uploaded a pictture! Thanks for looking at the problem Mar 14, 2023 at 15:11

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Formula in B2

=MAP(SEQUENCE(ROWS(FILTER(color, LEN(color)>=0))), color, values,
   LAMBDA(squ, col, val, 
        IF(AND(OFFSET(col,-1,0)<>1, squ<>1),
          {val,val}, {val,""}),
        IF(OFFSET(col, -1, 0)=1,
          {val,val}, {"", val}))

Named Ranges

Name Range Notes
color E2:E21 Holds the color flags: =1 or <>1)
values F2:F21 Contains all the entered values

Chart Customizations

Section Customization
Setup > Chart type Line chart
Setup > Data Range A1:B21,C1:C21
Setup > Combine ranges Horizontally
Setup > X-axis Time
Setup > Series


✔️ Use row 1 as headers
✔️ Use column A as labels
Customize > Chart & axis titles
                            > Chart title > Title text
Value vs. Time
Customize > Legend > Position None


Note: I repurposed this chart in another related solution asking about alternating background colors.

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