today I tried logging into Zoom with the option for using “Continue with Apple” and it showed an error. The “Continue with Google” option results in the same.

While the error is annoying, the fact that it was in Chinese on my system compounded the issue making it very unsettling.

It makes me wonder if I have run into an active exploit? (Given the Chinese government propensity to support such)

enter image description here

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  • Welcome to Web Applications. This questions doesn't look to be a good fit for this site. For one side it doesn't include enough details, it's not clear it's about using zoom.us using a web browser, by the other hand, while some overall quesitons might be on-topic, troubleshooting like / guessing game like questions are off-topic on this site. If you are using a mobile app, the quesiton might be on-topic in Android Enthusiasts or Ask Different. It's worthy to mention that some questions about security might be on-topic in Information Security and questions about networking might be on-topic in Super User.
    – Rubén
    2 days ago


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