I have a graph on google sheets, and want to change the background color for certain values on x axis. For example, from a value A to a value B (on x axis) I want a background color 1, then from point B to value C I want another color,...

Thank you for your help

enter image description here

This but horizontally. With background colors


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Unfortunately, the chart "Background color" offers only a single choice.
Chart editor > Customize > Chart Style > Background color

You Could Simulate Background Colors

You could however simulate different background colors by strategically filling cells located behind the chart.

Simulated Background Colors



  1. Create a chart with a clear background;
  2. Hide (uncheck) "Gridlines"
    "View" (menu) > "Show" > "Gridlines"
  3. Color the cells beside your chart ("Fill color");
  4. Drag your chart on top of the colored cells;
  5. Tweak column widths and row heights as necessary;

Hide (uncheck) "Gridlines"


Color the cells beside your chart


Drag your chart on top of the colored cells


Note: I repurposed the Line Chart from this solution

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