I am currently using =regexmatch(A1,"(?i)N02|N22|J25") in column A to highlight the cells that contain these terms. But I don't want to hardcode it as the search terms keep changing. The search terms are in col. E or joint ones are in G1.

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I've tried the following formulas but they don't work:




I found this formula in my search, and that person had the same issue as me. But I don't understand how I can get it to work for me.


Sample sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1911rox5wAp1eyBULCSSOWrGwQ1wFWI3sjZJPsZqjOp8/edit#gid=69482816

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Your conditional formatting custom formula rules are failing because they omit the required $ signs in the reference to the range E2:E6. To make it work, use a row absolute reference, like this:

=regexmatch(A2, "(?i)" & textjoin("|", true, E$2:E$6))

See Lance's explanation of how absolute and relative addresses work in a conditional formatting custom formula rule.


I found the answer to my question =REGEXMATCH(LOWER(A2),LOWER(TEXTJOIN("|",1,E$2:E$10)))

It is from this post in StackExchange. If cell y contains any word from range x:x, mark cell y green Thanks to user0 for the answer.

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