Trying to get some help with an issue I'm having.

In Google Sheets I have a data in columns A to D.

  • Column A contains my original list of names.
  • Columns B to D contain either a new name or an #N/A error.

I'd like a formula in column F that returns the last value in each row of columns A to D that is not an #N/A error

Sample Data with desired result in column F:

1 Raw Data 1st Check 2nd Check 3rd Check Final Result
2 Kate Karen Joe Harry Harry
3 Audrey Audrey Audrey #N/A Audrey
4 Kam Kam #N/A #N/A Kam
5 Czar #N/A Rio #N/A Rio
6 Wing #N/A #N/A #N/A Wing

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Assuming your explanation of the logic involved is complete, and the examples pictured are truly representative of the real spreadsheet, all of the rules can be replaced with the rule:

In column F, display the rightmost value from columns A to D which is not #N/A.

If that's sufficient, an example formula for cell F2 might resemble:


Then select F2, and drag the fill handle (the little circle at the lower-right of its highlighted outline) down to fill the other rows of F with formulas Sheets will automatically alter to match each row.

That formula just filters out any blanks or #N/A cells for the row, counts the remaining names with COUNTA, then uses that count to return the one at that "distance" into the name list… the name at that INDEX.

  • IFNA is not necessary in the formula, LEN achieves what you want: LEN(A2:D2) vs. LEN(IFNA(A2:D2))
    – Blindspots
    Sep 13, 2023 at 0:51

Another Approach

Joel's solution works. This is simply an alternative.

Basic Formula

  • In the Basic Formula, replace r with a reference to a single row of data, such as A2:D2.

Multi-Row Formula

  • Replace mr with a reference to multiple rows of data. e.g. A2:D6
  • Do not replace r in the Multi-Row Formula. The LAMBDA function will use it as a variable to hold the current row passed in by the BYROW function.

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