In Google Meet, what are the meeting limits with a Google Workspace Individual subscription?

I don't see any information on the site other than "Conduct group meetings longer than 60 minutes using a computer."


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Google posts the limits on their website although it can be a bit tricky to find everything.

In the support document Learn what requirements you need to use Google Meet it lists the participant limits for your plan as 150 people and the maximum meeting length as 24 hours.

Participant Limits

Google Workspace editions Number of participants
Business Starter, Frontline, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, G Suite Basic 100
Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Essentials, G Suite Business, Nonprofits, Workspace Individual 150
Teaching, Learning Upgrade, Essentials Starter, Enterprise Starter 250
Business Plus, Enterprise Standard 500
Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Essentials Plus, Education Plus 1,000 Tip: After 500, the next 500 join as View only.

Meeting Length Limits

If you don't have a Google Meet subscription

On a computer, you can host:

One-on-one meetings for up to 24 hours. Meetings with 3 or more participants for up to 60 minutes. Tip: At 50 minutes, everyone receives a chime and message notification that the meeting is about to end. To extend the meeting, the host can upgrade their Google account. Otherwise, the meeting will end at 60 minutes.

For Google Workspace Individual Subscribers

You can host one-on-one meetings and group meetings with 3 or more
participants for up to 24 hours.

Premium Features Included

On the page Premium Meet features for Google Workspace & Google One users they have the following table:

Feature Workspace Individual
Breakout rooms checkmark
Polls checkmark
Live streaming
Noise cancellation checkmark
Attendance tracking
Record a meeting checkmark
Anonymous joins checkmark
Dial-in checkmark
Dial-out checkmark
Longer group calls checkmark
Multiple Co-Hosts
Portrait touch-up checkmark
Transcripts checkmark
Translated captions
Live stream Meet calls to YouTube checkmark
Control Slides presentation in Meet checkmark
1080p video checkmark

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