I am trying to create a Pie chart using Google sheet data such as this:

Vendor Amount                                                           
Airbnb $500
Airbnb $200
Airbnb $100
McDonalds $ 15
McDonalds $ 13
Uber $ 25
Uber $ 30

I want a PIE chart that shows 3 values, Airbnb, McDonalds, and Uber, and adds the values of each of the Airbnb, McDonalds, and Uber.

For instance, in the PIE chart, it would show:

Vendor Total Percentage                                                     
Airbnb $800 90%
McDonalds $30 3%
Uber $55 6%

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If you want to make a PIE chart of the second data set, transform your original data to match and then build the PIE chart from that.

QUERY Formula to Transform

=QUERY(A2:B8, "select A, SUM(B), SUM(B)/"&SUM(B2:B8)&" 
    group by A Label A '', SUM(B) '', SUM(B)/"&SUM(B2:B8)&" ''")

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