The URL's for YouTube Clips appear to follow no logic other than they have: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx + 32 characters.

For example, for a 15 second clip starting at the beginning of:

The link is:

There is nothing in the URL that would suggest it starts at 0 seconds, last 15 seconds or comes from video ID NiXD4xVJM5Y.

From the HTML I was able to find:

<ytd-watch-flexy class="style-scope ytd-page-manager hide-skeleton" video-id="NiXD4xVJM5Y"...>

But I cannot find the start point, end point, and/or duration.

Ideally, I would use a Python package to read the HTML, get the start and end point or get the start point and determine the end point by adding the duration.

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Turns out in the source code there are the three variables I am looking for:

  • videoId
  • startTimeMs
  • endTimeMs

No need for the YouTube API, just selenium to access this.

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