Good evening, Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

I am trying to sum (countif) the total amount of matching items from one sheet, if they match a certain timeframe range (e.g. one week, one month, ALL) on the same sheet, to the matching item on the recall sheet.

EXAMPLE: This is the sheet I want to collect the countif totals [let's call this SHEET 1]: enter image description here

And this is the separate sheet [let's call it SHEET 2] collecting responses that I want to tally according to their date and equaling the value on [SHEET 1] in column A.

enter image description here

I need the SHEET 1 formula for each AREA to search say B:K on SHEET 2 and total the amount for each AREA on SHEET 1 for the last 7 days, last month and all time.

I was able to make something like this work before but now trying to piece together code and formula from multiple tutorials I am lost!

Please help thank you so much!


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The ISBETWEEN function will allow you to determine which entries fall within the date range.

=ISBETWEEN(E:E,TODAY()-7, TODAY())   //  Last 7 Days
=ISBETWEEN(E:E,TODAY()-30,TODAY())   //  Last 30 Days

FILTER is used with ISBETWEEN to ensure the rows fall within the date range. Then COUNTIF can count the occurrences of the value in A2


Alternatively, adding ARRAYFORMULA will make this a single-cell formula, avoiding the need to copy and paste the formula down the column. This will allow editing the formula for all the rows in the same place.


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