I am trying to write a formula that adds cell values by matching the reference ID in a separate column. For example, cells G2 and G3 have the same ID, so the amounts in cell H2 and H3 would be added together, and that total, $21.12, would appear in both I2 and I3.

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I've been trying to use SUMIF for this, but have only been successful when specifying the exact reference ID in the formula. I need the formula to automatically match based on any Reference ID. Is there any way to use a SUMIF (or another function altogether) to match strings to calculate values?

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  • Use QUERY to SUM Column B and group by Column A
  • VLOOKUPto find totals by Reference ID
  • ARRAYFORMULA to use a single formula for all transaction IDs
  • FILTER limits VLOOKUP only to those rows containing at least one character.
    QUERY(A:B, "select A, SUM(B) group by A"),2))

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