I have a data set on Google Sheets where for example,

Name Stage 1 Date Stage 2 Date Stage 3 Date Stage 4 Date
Bob 3/1/2023 3/5/2023 3/31/2023 4/15/2023
Joe 2/1/2023
Zoe 3/21/2023 4/1/2023 4/15/2023
Sam 3/15/2023 4/1/2023

I am looking for a formula to return a value (Ex. 4) for the last date a person was in.

Ex Scenario 1 - The formula should return "4" for Bob.

Ex Scenario 2 - The formula should return "1" for Joe.

Ex Scenario 3 - The formula should return "4" for Zoe.

Ex Scenario 4 - The formula should return "3" for Sam.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Assuming you have your table in A1:E5, try this out in row 2 of an empty column.

  • Thanks this works!
    – Elaine
    May 16 at 17:57

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