The German-language Wikipedia page Oblast Donezk has an infobox, shown below.

How can I replace the map? The infobox does not have an entry for the map .svg-file.

{{Infobox Oblast Ukraine
|Oblast = Oblast Donezk
|область = Донецька область/''Donezka oblast''<br />Донецкая область/''Donezkaja oblast''
|Wappen = Coat of Arms of Donetsk Oblast 1999.svg
|Flagge = Flag of Donetsk Oblast.svg
|Hauptstadt = Donezk
|Sprachen = [[Ukrainische Sprache|Ukrainisch]], [[Russische Sprache|Russisch]]
|Einwohner = 4100280
|EW_Stand = 2021
|inStädten = 90,1
|Fläche = 26517
|KOATUU = 1400000000
|KATOTTH = UA14000000000091971
|Kfz=AH, KH
|Rajon = 8
|StädteO = 28
|StädteR = 24
|Stadtbezirke = 21
|SsT = 131
|Dörfer = 1115
|Siedlungen = 244
|Adresse = бульвар Пушкіна 34<br />83105 м. Донецьк
|Website = http://www.donoda.gov.ua/
|StatLink = 6942

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The "Infobox Oblast Ukraine" template on the German Wikipedia determines the map based on the Oblast parameter. The article says:

{{Infobox Oblast Ukraine
|Oblast = Oblast Donezk

This eventually makes its way to, in the template:

{{Imagemap Ukraine1|{{#switch: {{{Oblast|}}}
 | #default = Ukraine adm location map.svg
        | Oblast Charkiw = Kharkiv in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Cherson = Kherson in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Chmelnyzkyj = Khmelnytskyi in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Tscherniwzi = Chernivtsi in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Dnipropetrowsk = Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Donezk = Donetsk in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Iwano-Frankiwsk = Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine.svg
        | Kiew = Kiev (city) in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Kiew = Kiev (oblast) in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Kirowohrad = Kirovohrad in Ukraine.svg
        | Krim = Crimea in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Lwiw = Lviv in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Luhansk = Luhansk in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Mykolajiw = Mykolaiv in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Odessa = Odessa in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Poltawa = Poltava in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Riwne = Rivne in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Saporischschja = Zaporizhia in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Schytomyr = Zhytomyr in Ukraine.svg
        | Stadt Sewastopol = Sevastopol in Ukraine.svg
        | Sewastopol = Sevastopol in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Sumy = Sumy in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Ternopil = Ternopil in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Transkarpatien = Zakarpattia in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Tscherkassy = Cherkasy in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Tschernihiw = Chernihiv in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Winnyzja = Vinnytsia in Ukraine.svg
        | Oblast Wolyn = Volyn in Ukraine.svg}}|299px}}

{{{Oblast|}}} refers to the value passed as |Oblast= above (Oblast Donezk), and that giant switch statement turns it into Donetsk in Ukraine.svg {{Imagemap Ukraine1|...}} then modifies the map (via a set of hardcoded pixel positions) so you can click on each oblast to go to that article. This process is not practical to change.

  • great answer! actually, in this case, it might be more sensible to change the default map. Commented Feb 25 at 15:22

Please see this template. It is an infobox for a country in German Wikipedia. Your example is the infobox for a Ukrainian oblast, it might have very similar structure.


There are six entries related to 'map'.

|BILD-LAGE          = 
|BILD1              = weltkarte.jpg
|BILD2              = weltkarte.jpg

which translates to

|BILD1 = world map.jpg
|BILD2 = world map.jpg

You may use this entries.


There is a German Wikipedia template for Ukrainian Oblast.


It seems that there is no entry for a map so that a user can insert an image.

  • A interesting and logical suggestion - I have tried with many different names like BILD-LAGE or BILD1, but it has no effect on the map. Commented May 25, 2023 at 7:14
  • It appears that there is a function behind, which is reading the field |Oblast and outputs the map. So, if I change |Oblast, let's say, to Oblast Kiew, it will produce the map highlighting the Kyiv Oblast. But how to access this function (or whatever it is) remains unclear... Commented May 25, 2023 at 7:20

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