I am trying to write an Excel Online script to remove carriage returns. Writing a macro to do this in the desktop version of Excel is easy via CTRL+J using the 'Replace' drop-down. However, I find that CTRL+J is not working for me in Excel Online.

Any suggestions for how to write a script to remove carriage returns in Excel Online?

  • Your question isn't clear. Is CTRL+J the 'Shortcut key' that "you" arbitrarily assigned to your macro in the desktop version? May 25 at 15:49

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Visit the learning resource provided by Microsoft:

Office Scripts in Excel

Learn > Office > Scripts > Office Scripts in Excel

Office Scripts in Excel let you automate your day-to-day tasks. Use the Action Recorder to turn manual steps into reusable scripts. Edit those scripts or create new ones with the Code Editor. Let others in the workbook run these scripts with a single button. Then, share them with coworkers so everyone can improve their workflow.

This series of documents teaches you how to use these tools. You'll find a wealth of samples covering different Excel scenarios. Use the tutorials to introduce yourself to the Action Recorder and Code Editor. These provide step-by-step guidance on how to record your frequent Excel actions, edit those scripts, and create new scripts from scratch.

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