I want to sum the cells until I get a blank cell in the column B then add that sum in next column. In the below pic sum of C2:C4 should come in D5,sum of C6:C10 in D11 and so on. Database is so large. So filling formula in every column is not possible. Please find solution to this issue. enter image description here


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Use scan() and map(). Put this formula in cell D1:

  range, C2:C, 
  numRows, arrayformula(xmatch("?*", to_text(range), 2, -1)), 
  data, array_constrain(range, numRows, 1), 
  blank, iferror(ø), 
  subtotals, scan(0, data, lambda(a, c, if(c, a + c, blank))), 
  lastInGroup, map(vstack(subtotals, ""), vstack("", subtotals), lambda(x, y, if(x = "", y, blank))), 
  vstack("Subtotals", lastInGroup) 

The results look like this:

Name Amount Subtotals
Kamla 10
Sruthi 20
Sarath 30
Sasi 4
Vinod 25
Sarath 45
Ravi 25
Vipin 20
Mini 30
Sheethal 21
Raju 25

See scan() and map().

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    Use map(chooserows(vstack(subtotals, ""), sequence(rows(subtotals), 1, 2)), subtotals,... Please do not ask questions in comments. Post a new question instead. Jun 2, 2023 at 10:39

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