I want to search for all outgoing links with the URL https://github.com from this link https://whatevery1says.github.io/we1s-templates/creating-a-project/. I can do that with Outbound Links Checker Tool, but is there a way to do that with Google Search only? I try this query:

site:https://whatevery1says.github.io/we1s-templates/creating-a-project/ inurl:github

But it doesn't match any documents. However according to the aforementioned tool, there are:

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The site tag restricts your search results to a particular website and the correct usage would be site:whatevery1says.github.io


The inurl tag restricts search results to those URLs that include a specified word. Since the word github already forms part of the site address, the addition of inurl:github is redundant (changes nothing).

Google Search Results

Google searches a huge index of web pages in an effort to return pages that meet your search criteria, in order of relevance. Tags are a tool used to help focus that search.

Outbound Links

You are trying to get Google to search through one specific page's indexed content and return a list of any URLs it contains, filtered for the term you provide. This will not work.


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