I've got a list of student names in Column A. I need to copy the names that are followed by an asterisk * (I've highlighted them in the screenshot) into the * Seniors column D. Is there a formula I can use?



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Use filter() and search(), like this:

=filter(A2:A, search("~*", A2:A))

See filter() and search().


use find() to search the , FIND("";A2) it return a number and then use isNumber(), to check it, ISNUMBER(FIND("";A2));A2;"") if true return cell, if not return "" and the last, use array formula to fill all cell below it (all cell below it must empty from value and formula) =ArrayFormula(IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("";A2:A));A2:A;""))

array formula

so you not need to add or copy the formula again

or if you use

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