We're 6 people inside a big room.

We have a server with speakers connected. Sometimes we go to that server and put something playing from a cloud service such as grooveshark. But when the selection ends, noone goes there to put some more, and it sits without any music for some time. Also, there's no control over who chooses what music next, or any way for us to choose the music from our own desktop. And we like music, we don't want to listen to the same library over and over again, we want to be refreshened with music, sometimes by each others suggestions, sometimes by other people's suggestions.

When I saw turntable.fm, it seemed a great solution. We could sometimes have others dj for us, we could list the musics each of us wanted and have each flavor served on turns, we could upvote or downvote music, control it from our desktops, etc. But the day before I was going to put it working, it got blocked outside US. (We're in Portugal) I know there are ways to work-around it, but that would require us to use proxying services in each of our desktops, it just seems like a lot of work for such an accessory thing.

I'm not looking necessarily for a turntable.fm alternative, but a solution that would allow us to have:

  • Music played directly from the cloud in a ubuntu unused desktop with speakerphones
  • Collaboratively edited playlist from our own desktops, specially through webapp/browser
  • New music discovery (if we're out of ideas, we should have an easy way to get suggestions, or auto-played)
  • Bonus item: way for us to say if we like or not the music and helps us into getting a playlist that we keep enjoying

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