Is it possible to order Trello cards horizontally in lists from left to right like books on a shelf rather than vertically from top to bottom?

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You will need an extension to achieve this.

There are a number of extensions returned by the Chrome Web Store search: "Trello Horizontal Lists"

I have no affiliation with either of the example extensions below. You should review the different extensions that are available in the Chrome Web Store and do your due diligence prior to installing any 3rd party software.

Example 1

Trello Horizontal Lists

Turns Trello Lists Horizontal so they can be used for vertical comparisons.

This is a simple plugin that converts a Trello board from listing cards vertically to listing cards horizontally.

This has been built to enable vertical comparisons of cards across different lists vertically and introduces horizontal scroll.

Example 2

List Layouts for Trello

Allow Trello lists to be displayed vertically or in a grid. The List Layouts for Trello extension adds a button to your Chrome toolbar allowing you to toggle the Trello board layout from horizontal to grid to vertical by clicking the icon.

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