I have a YouTube account which is the Manager of a YouTube channel. I created a playlist in the channel's YouTube Studio. Then, in the Playlist details panel, I set the Default video order to Manually sorted in YouTube. This should make it possible to reorder the playlist when viewed in YouTube using the icons left to each video's thumbnail. However, I am unable to reorder the playlist.

  • When viewing the playlist using my account, the option to edit and rearrange the playlist does not show.
  • If I click on my profile picture, select Switch account and navigate to the channel's account, I get redirected to the YouTube studio.

Other editing options (such as removing videos) are also unavailable.

How can I edit the playlist of a YouTube channel?

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This seems to have been a bug that's now (July 20, 2023) resolved. Now if I click on my profile picture in the YouTube main page and select Switch account, I can navigate to the channel's view of the YouTube main page. Then, I can go to the playlist and reorder it.

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