My workflow for a single image: I go to https://translate.google.com/, click the "Images" button, click "Browse your computer" to choose an image, translate, download the translated image. This works very well for a single image or a small number of images. However now I have a large number of images (50+).

Can I somehow do this in bulk (in batch)? I am asking specifically about graphical in-place translation, which preserves the layout, where the original text is replaced in the image itself.

(One thing I already tried, instead of using images, use a multipage PDF. But Google Translate does not work for scanned PDFs. However it does work for images.)

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It's not possible via https://translate.google.com/. Furthermore, the Cloud Translation API doesn't seem to take images as input. However you could try to stich images together into 1 image:


I don't think this is impossible(in the near future perhaps). Someday, someone will build a script to automatically upload, translate and download to google translate, one image at a time.

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