My Slack messages sometime receive emoji reactions. When one of my Slack messages receives an emoji reaction, where can I see when the emoji reaction was sent?

Example of emoji reaction:

enter image description here

Mouse over doesn't show any timestamps:

enter image description here

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The @Mentions & reactions view definitely tabulates all the emoji reactions with responses looking like UserX reacted to your message. But the times showing up in that view don't appear to be the time of the emoji but rather the time of the message. Given your API finding it looks like there's a differentiation of ts vs event_ts so it appears the UI just ignores it with the current design.

Version 4.33.90
9ba5da5b777a51cabb2faf4adbeb66b748907398@1694578646 (Production)

reactions view sample


Update: with the new Slack UI introduced in August 2023, one can see when the emoji reaction was sent on one's Slack messages by going to Activity -> Reactions:

enter image description here

Old answer from 2023-07-21:

Currently, it is not possible to see when the emoji reaction was sent when one of one's Slack messages receives an emoji reaction in the default Slack UI using only built-in Slack features.

However, as Reddit user andrewfromx told me, the Slack API does have the timestamp. From https://api.slack.com/events/reaction_added:

    "type": "reaction_added",
    "user": "U123ABC456",
    "reaction": "thumbsup",
    "item_user": "U222222222",
    "item": {
        "type": "message",
        "channel": "C123ABC456",
        "ts": "1360782400.498405"
    "event_ts": "1360782804.083113"

Reddit user andrewfromx pointed me to some application that displays the timestamp.

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