I have 3 sheets.

The first one Master contains my source data.

In the other two sheets I'm trying to get columns A-C from the source data Master!A:C based on the state of the checkboxes in columns D or E:

  • Sheet2 uses the checkboxes in Master!D:D
  • Sheet3 uses the checkboxes in Master!E:E

Example Tables

Master (source data)
A B C D E                                                                                                             
1 Neither Neither Neither
2 Both Both Both
3 Sheet2 Sheet2 Sheet2
4 Sheet3 Sheet3 Sheet3
A                              B                              C                             
1 Both     * Master!A2 Both     * Master!B2 Both     * Master!C2
2 Sheet2  * Master!A3 Sheet2  * Master!B3 Sheet2  * Master!C3
A                              B                              C                             
1 Both     * Master!A2 Both     * Master!B2 Both     * Master!C2
2 Sheet3  * Master!A4 Sheet3  * Master!B4 Sheet3  * Master!C4

How can I use an array formula the return data from columns A-C in Master based on a checkbox in either column D or E?


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Put this formula in cell A2 on Sheet2:

=filter(Master!A2:C, Master!D2:D)

...and this formula in cell A2 on Sheet3:

=filter(Master!A2:C, Master!E2:E)

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