I want to sum specific values in column F, provided that the respective values in columns C and E have a unique match in columns O and Q. To make the logic easier, I would like to include a condition that the summing occurs only if the date in column B is before June 30, 2023.

I will give an example: in this case, I would like to sum the values in column F for all matches of "Pinco-fruit" in columns O and Q. So the result I expect is 8.

One last important thing: I need the whole operation to be performed with one formula. I have tried different combinations of SUMIFS, VLOOKUP, FILTER, ARRAYFORMULA, but I have not found the right one.

Thanks for the help!

B C ... E F ... O ... Q
9/3/22 Pinco ... Apple 3
9/3/22 Pinco ... Banana 5
9/3/22 Pinco ... Kiwi 4
6/30/23 Pinco ... Apple
6/30/23 Pinco ... Banana

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Use filter() and match(), like this:

=sum(filter(F1:F, match(C1:C, O1:O, 0), match(E1:E, Q1:Q, 0)))

See filter() and match().


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