How to auto post to Instagram every post from a Facebook page? Not the other way around. Also, from a Facebook page, not directly from my Facebook account.

So every time I post on a Facebook page, the post should also appear on my chosen Instagram account.. Also, I hope to find a one-time setting, not an option that I must choose for every post I make on the Facebook page., which is the approach mentioned in: https://www.alphr.com/how-to-automatically-post-from-facebook-to-instagram/

There are similar posts here on Webapps SE: How can I mirror my Facebook page to my Instagram? Automatically post to Instagram from Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr post? Instagram account linked to Facebook, but cross-posting option not showing when creating Facebook Post?

But these are all very old answers.. What's the way to do it in July 2023, especially with the advent of Meta Business Suite, if relevant?

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    – Blindspots
    Jul 31 at 20:58


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