I have a Google Sheet with two columns. Column A contains a list of names and column B a list of numerical values associated with those names.

I need to find the minimum number of cells in column B whose sum is greater than or equal to at least 75% of the sum of all the values in column B.

For those cells I need to return:

  1. The cell count
  2. The associated names from Column A

Sample Data

A B                                 
Name-01 10
Name-02 20
Name-03 15
Name-04 40
Name-05 10
Name-06    6

In the sample data above the column B total is 100 so the minimum number of cells needed to achieve at least 75% of that is 3:

Count: 3                                 
Name-02 20
Name-03 15
Name-04 40

If possible no array formulas.

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To get the names in column A2:A that represent at least 75% of the sum of the values in column B2:B, filter by the running total. To guarantee that the result always matches or exceeds the target, you have to subtract the current value from the tally, like this:

  data, sort(A2:B, 2, false), 
  names, choosecols(data, 1), 
  values, choosecols(data, 2), 
  target, 75% * sum(values), 
  tally, scan(0, values, lambda(a, c, a + c)), 
  filter(names, tally - values < target) 

With data like this:

name value
alice 10
bob 20
charly 15
dorothy 39
eve 10
frank 6

...the formula will get results like this:

name value
david 39
bob 20
charly 15
alice 10

(note: using filter(data instead of filter(names for illustration)

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