I have been using Google Sheets and getting things done slowly. I am using an extension called Autocrat and have been doing ok with it. (Not sure if there is a better alternative.)

My current problem is this.

I have various sheets designed to how I want them and that works ok. I work in car sales, so there are quite a few cells used. When I sell a car, I enter the buyer's name and details. If they have a part exchange, I then add their details (Again).

I have a column with a YES/NO dropdown for if they have a part exchange or not.

What I would like to do is this....If I click YES to having a part exchange, it then copies the buyer's details over to the sellers section for the part exchange.

Simply put, IF one cell says YES, the the cell I am in, take the info from the other cell. If it says no, then it is left blank.

The exact thing I need is this. IF Y23=YES, then copy E23 to Z23....So, this is what I entered into the empty cell where I would like the details from E23:

=IF(Y23="YES", "E23","")

I am in Spain. The reference cells are just NAME, ADDRESS, TEL No, EMAIL. I enter them in the first cells and if it is YES to a part exchange, I would like them copied to the Part Exchange section. The ERROR message is just FORMULA PARSE ERROR and from the research I have done, it seems it could be a multitude of things.

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Your spreadsheet's local setting is likely Spain as you are in Spain. This locale uses the semicolon ; character as a function parameter separator instead of the comma , character. This is consistent with the FORMULA PARSE ERROR message.


=IF(Y23="YES", "E23","")


=IF(Y23="YES"; "E23";"")

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